"The narrative perspective is accompanied by a slight musical shift as well, with the band taking things in a "darker and heavier" direction than the breezy psych-infused cuts on the last album." - Exclaim!

"Sun Will Rise is one of the most exciting Canadian rock albums of the year and positions Snake River as the obvious masters of the psychedelic highway.” - Dominionated

"Snake River revels in reverb-soaked, angular vibrations all while presenting ethereal, melancholic tales." - Label Obscura

"Truly wild mindbending stuff. Recommended. We love it." - Babysue

"...a band lyrically hooked on fictional characters and increasingly heavy psych-pop." - CBC Music

"Unique and fascinating." - Grayowl Point

"Fantastic stuff. Sounds like: Staring into the darkening glow." - A Journal of Musical Things

"...more existential and poetic...electric folk and psychedelic vocals, distorting the source material into something otherworldly and strange." - Ride The Tempo

"...[un] métissage patient entre le rock roots et le post-punk...marquée par des détours et des progressions hypnotisâtes." - BRBR

"Almost like a novel set to music." - Saskatoon StarPhoenix

"The songs pack an emotional punch that deepens with a greater understanding of the storytelling, but is not dependent on it." - Ominocity